Improving disaster management

- Using Space Technologies


PastedGraphic 3GEO-VISION is a European Horizon 2020 project, aiming to save lives and critical infrastructure during emergencies and disasters by utilizing space resources, such as satellite communication, satellite earth observation and in particular satellite navigation systems.

In addition, working areas involves

  • safe use of UAVs (drones) during related operation,
  • use of smartphone applications for in-field data collection and communication,
  • trustful and reliable crowdsourcing,
  • interactive and smart communication concepts,
  • rapid online mapping and development of an operational network structure with field users,
  • on-site operational centers and remote head quarters.

The project is lead by AnsuR Technologies of Norway, and consists of 6 partners in total from Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy.

User groups for the solutions include those involved in UN operations, Civil Protection and law Enforcement.

The project started early 2015 and will run for 2 years.

Project Partners

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